When Fader Plugs won the 2017 TecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition, one of the services won was the opportunity to work with CoalCreative. They wanted us to create a website for them to go along with the release of their Kickstarter. The idea was to showcase their product more and we set the site up so that when the product is actually available people will be able to easily order them right from the site. We had a great time working with Blaise Delfino and the team at Fader Plugs to create a sleek, functional website for their revolutionary product!

Fader Plugs, LLC is a hearing solutions company, that has been in business since July 2015. Blaise Delfino and the team at Fader Plugs believe in hearing preservation and wanted to create a product that reflected their vision. The Fader Plug itself has a patent pending design that was created to provide controlled decibel reduction in a functional and fashionable design. In addition, the Fader Plug can be considered the first mechanical, adjustable earplug that allows consumers to adjust sound attenuation without taking the device out of their ear.

Learn more about Fader Plugs and check out their new website designed by CoalCreative here!

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