For the Love of Brunch: Two Coal Interns Make a Video

This semester, Coal Creative continued the tradition of a video project to add to The Internship Chronicles collection. Our two interns, Alijah and Donald, created a video that highlighted something they both loved about the NEPA region — BRUNCH!

Alijah and Donald traveled to three different spots to grab brunch: 

  • Bartari, located in Scranton
  • Henry’s on Clay, located in Dunmore
  • The Canning House, located in Forty Fort

The pair tried their hands at their first-ever video project on something they were familiar with, while also discovering some new places in NEPA for themselves. 

Alijah, a NEPA local graduating from Penn State Wilkes-Barre, knew the lay of the land pretty well, and knew of all three brunch spots, but hadn’t been able to try some of them out. Donald, a Berks County native, got to discover some new areas he hadn’t had the chance to explore during his time at Wilkes University, too.

“Donald and I are both really creative in different ways,” said Alijah. “So, it was awesome to combine all of our ideas and turn it into something so cool.”

Alijah and Donald tackled every aspect of the video production process. From brainstorming to post-edit, they both learned new skills at every stage of production with the Coal team. Samantha helped the two brainstorm a concept for the video. Holly and Sam looked over their ideas and helped them formulate the best path to take. They learned their videography skills from Alex, Coal’s production manager, who taught them how to shoot great video on their iPhones!

“I think going through this whole video project perfectly sums up our time at Coal,” Donald said. “We got to work with an awesome amount of creative freedom, but the entire team at Coal was there to guide us and help us every step of the way, whenever we needed it.”

Below you can find “The Big Brunch Adventure,” Alijah and Donald’s culminating contribution to Coal’s Internship Chronicles. We hope their time at Coal Creative was as memorable, meaningful and fun for the entire Coal family as it was for them. 


“Thank you to the Coal team for making this semester so special for us! We’re so grateful for our lessons and laughs with you, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.” — Alijah and Donald

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