Get Ready for the 2021 Young Professionals Awards

There are two events every year that the rest of the Coal calendar orbits around. First, there’s Holly K. Pilcavage’s birthday (May 30, write it down!).  The other is the Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Awards, which falls on Tuesday, September 14 this year. 

The pandemic-friendly Garden Drive-in will host the 6th Annual Young Professionals Awards, allowing us to get together, while staying apart. Coal Creative is excited to be this presenting sponsor, in partnership with Times Leader Media Group. 

There are a lot of reasons to get jazzed up about the Young Professionals Awards. Here are three reasons we can’t wait for the YP Awards.


1. The Young Professionals Network

The awards show is the biggest annual event for the Young Professionals Network. The group, which is part of the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to networking and career development for local people under age 40. It offers people on the front 9 of their careers a place to socialize, build leadership skills and connect with their contemporaries. The YPs also give back! They donated $2,500 to local charities last year. In the pre-social distancing days, the group also held  various events like bowling and kickball tournaments. 

Within the Young Professionals Network is the YP Council, which is chaired by Coal Creative CEO Holly K. Pilcavage. The council meets bi-monthly to network and plan. They are the muscle behind events like the YP Awards, along with smaller gatherings like a cookout in August. The Council is also a great place for Young Professionals looking to get more involved.


2. The Award Honorees

The awards are a chance to celebrate the incredible work being done by young professionals in NEPA. There is a lot to choose from. This year alone, there were more than 100 nominations. 

Holly and Vice Chair Anthony Melf,  had the honor of announcing the finalists earlier this month on Facebook. Three finalists have been selected for each category. The winners will be revealed live during the ceremony.

The list of finalists is available here.


3. We Get to Make Cool Stuff

The final reason that Coal Creative is excited for the 2021 Young Professionals Awards is it’s another opportunity for us to create. Allow us to “pivot to video.”



Our video team created this Friends-inspired promotional video for the YP Awards. Thanks to the Young Professionals who joined us for this fun shoot that transformed current-day Wilkes-Barre into Manhattan circa 1994. 


The creativity didn’t stop with this promo. There is another video that will kick-off the event on Tuesday, September 14. 

We hope to see you all there!

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