Imagine working in an energetic, creative and fast pace work environment everyday for your internship. This work environment exists with Coal Creative and you can become a part of it! Everyday will present new tasks and creative challenges that you, as a potential intern, will grow and learn from. Here, the staff are highly qualified to teach you new skills and most importantly are very approachable. As a plus, Coal Creative staff will sit down with you to help plan and then execute your internship goals and learning objectives to best fit your future career aspirations.

We, Coal Creative are now looking for new Interns for the Summer of 2018. We are currently seeking interns with interest and backgrounds in video production, graphic design, website development, and business development. As an intern you will be expected to have excellent time management skills, be goal oriented, highly organized, and of course have a great sense of humor!

Check out what our current interns have to say about working with Coal Creative:

I love coming into the Coal Creative office everyday knowing there’s always something fun going on, each day creativity and laughter are present! I feel so much more confident with my business and marketing skills after working with the Coal Creative staff!

– Claire Mason (The University of Scranton), Business Development Intern

My favorite part about working at Coal Creative is how it has challenged me creatively and intellectually. I have learned a lot of real life skills that will be helpful in the future, such as coordinating and meeting with clients, designing work specific to the clients’ needs, and general workflow routines.

-Jonah Kramer (Wilkes University), Video Production Intern

I’d have to say that my favorite part of working here is being able to learn more about the industry I want to pursue. Doing my work at Coal Creative allows me to get my creative juices flowing and forces me to think outside of the box.

-Sean Connelly (Wilkes University), Graphic Design Intern

Look for the Coal Creative crew at these upcoming Career fairs:

Submit your resume today to our Director at or upload it on our Internship Programs page!

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