Hi everyone! Welcome to our new intern spotlight where we showcase one of our summer interns every other week! This week’s featured intern is me, Alex Hargrave, a junior English and communications double major at St. Joe’s in Philadelphia, PA. I’m from Larksville, so I decided I wanted to join the team at Coal Creative, because we do a lot of work with Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding community. I’m hoping that in learning about and working with organizations in the area will give me a new perspective on my hometown that I’ve come to know so well!

Here at Coal, I’m the social media and communications intern, which is a new kind of role for me. At St. Joe’s, I was the Sports Editor for our newspaper, The Hawk, from my spring semester freshman year until last semester, which was the spring semester of my sophomore year. Last semester, I was also a sports intern for The Philadelphia Inquirer, so needless to say, I’ve previously spent a lot of time doing journalism, which is not something I expected myself to be doing. However, it’s something that I’ve come to love and can’t imagine my college career without. Being an editor introduced me to a professional work environment early on in my college career, and has in turn introduced me to some of my best friends at school!

Some of last semester’s newspaper staff!

Focusing on social media and communications for the summer rather than journalism is a refreshing change, as I still get to write, but I get to do so in the forms of blog posts and social media posts, so my voice comes through a little bit more. Don’t ask me what I want to do when I graduate though, because I tell everyone who asks, I simply have no idea (not panicking, ha ha).

Aside from work and school stuff, I love cities. It sounds cliche, but New York City is my favorite place in the universe; Philadelphia is a really close second, but New York never fails to take my breath away when the skyline starts to materialize around Newark, New Jersey. I hope to live there someday, at least for a little while, which has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

Manhattan skyline views from a rooftop in Brooklyn (featuring my birks)
Me in Philadelphia

I love going to concerts, and as my friends would tell you, my music taste is all over the place. Mostly, I like alternative music and early 2000’s. The only way someone can understand my music taste is to look through my Spotify playlists. I’m also a pretty big Taylor Swift fan and I’m going to her third tour in a row in July! (very excited)

Pro tip: wearing matching outfits does not get you backstage to meet Taylor Swift

I also love traveling, which is why I decided to study abroad for my upcoming fall semester in Galway, Ireland! (cue Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran) I literally think about it almost non-stop; I’ve never been to Europe before so I’m completely stoked. It’s also a bonus that I’m studying in Galway with my best friend, Charley, so I can’t wait to see the adventures we take!

Here in the states, I will argue with anyone that NEPA has the best pizza in the world. Better than New Jersey, and certainly better than New York. My favorite pizza around here would have to be Angelo’s pizza for the killer sweet sauce, or Pizza Loven’s sicilian. I work at Grotto Pizza who also makes a high quality pizza.

A couple more lightning round tidbits about me are that I can’t survive without a cup of coffee in the morning and I love to read. My favorite show is One Tree Hill and I am a huge cry baby (as my friends will tell you). I also love spending time with my friends and family and have a strange love of public transportation.

Thank you to anyone who stuck around to read this little autobiography and look out for some spotlight posts about my fellow interns in the coming weeks. Stay coal!

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