Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s intern spotlight! This week the spotlight is on Jason Lilly, our graphic design intern from Wilton, Connecticut! He is a senior graphic design major at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut, but he has fallen in love with NEPA and might be transferring to Luzerne County Community College in the fall.

Jason has been a graphic designer since his freshman year of high school when he took an elective graphic design class. He fell in love with it and decided to take another class the following year. From there, he helped his graphic design teacher create the curriculum for a third tier class. From that first class, he knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

This internship is his second one, as he had an internship with Headrush Creative in Norwalk, Connecticut in the last five weeks of his senior year of high school. At Coal, he focuses mainly on advertising graphics and some logo design. He’s been making posters for Kiss Theater Co. and graphics for other organizations as well.

Jason ended up in the Wilkes-Barre area, because his girlfriend, Kristen lives in Dallas, PA. Living in Dallas has made him fall in love with the area, because of its quiet nature and the farm lands. He was never allowed to have pets growing up, so he loves being around Kristen’s two dogs and going for runs with them.

Jason and Kristen’s dog, Max!

He lives down the street from the Back Mountain Bowl, which also happens to have his favorite pizza. According to him, the pizza around here is pretty good but a little too saucy for his liking.

When he isn’t at Coal Creative or his new job at Little Lenny’s Cheesecake Bakery, Jason likes going to the movies and adventuring in places like Frances Slocum.

Jason and Kristen doing some adventuring

He watches a lot of movies, but his favorite is Seven Samurai. Jason’s favorite novel is Ready Player One, which he says he has read SIX TIMES. He’s also a big fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Two words to describe Jason would be creative (duh) and personable. He finds it easy to talk to people and loves getting to know new people. Jason is utilizing both of these great qualities in his time at Coal Creative. His goal for this internship is to expand his portfolio to get a good job in the area, whether it be at Coal or somewhere else.

A graphic Jason created in college

Look out for Jason’s graphic design work and say hi if you see him on the streets of Wilkes-Barre! Stay coal!

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