Throughout 2017, we are working with our interns to highlight 52 Creatives from the NEPA region. We believe creativity is a broad term that cannot be easily confined within the walls of one simple definition. We want to know what being creative means to you and how you bring that creativity to light.​

Kenny Luck is our 45th #NEPACreative of 2017. Kenny brings creativity to the area through short film making.

Kenny Luck can somewhat be considered a jack of all trades. Not only does he write and direct short films, he had two books published by 2011. It was in 2011 that his interest in video and film making was piqued. He felt that he already started to spread concepts and ideas in the form of writing, but that it was time to do the same using more of a digital medium. He uses his talents to raise awareness about local issues that have a national impact. His most recent short film, “Opioid Nation,” has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The subject matter of Opioid addiction in our area is a hard one to breech, but people really seemed to resonate with Luck’s openness about it. Currently, over 40,000 people have seen Opioid Nation, but Luck isn’t ready to stop just let. “At present, there is nothing immediately in the works because for the past two months, I’ve been on a media tour of sorts, so once things start calming down, and I going to retreat back into my private world, reflect, and starting what comes next,” Kenny says.

Aside from film making, Kenny is a third-year, full-time Ph.D. Student in Human Development at Marywood University. Luck says that he is constantly trying to balance work, school, and creative projects. In his rare moments of actual spare time, Kenny is often practicing his photography, another medium he is trying to master, reading books about science, philosophy and current events, and trying to balance the remaining time with friends and family. Kenny says that above all his biggest influences are the writers who inspire him. Kenny says “The individuals who inspire me—and the ones who I am most impressed by and attempt to emulate—are always those who bring an interdisciplinary approach to their work.”

To Kenny, being creative means producing a product that affects the world in some way and gets individuals to think. It also involves decision making and judgement that can and is constantly being refined and redefined.

To learn more about Kenny, you can check out his Facebook and watch Opioid Nation: The Making of an Epidemic.

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