Throughout 2017, we are working with our interns to highlight 52 Creatives from the NEPA region. We believe creativity is a broad term that cannot be easily confined within the walls of one simple definition. We want to know what being creative means to you and how you bring that creativity to light.​

Mariska Robinson is our 26th #NEPACreative of 2017. Mariska brings creativity to the area through theater.

A student at Martin’s Karate Institute on Market Street in Wilkes-Barre, Mariska has learned many of the basics she needs in self-defense. Self-defense has built her confidence, focus, self-esteem, and creativity.

Mariska has been in numerous karate tournaments and has placed in many of the tournaments.

Mariska spends her spare time in participating in girl scouts

If you or someone you know is an NEPA Creative, please let us know by filling out the submission form or send us an email at

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