We are so excited to welcome to the team our fall semester intern Samantha Lisk! Samantha is a third-year undergraduate student at Wilkes University, where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in management.

Samantha is originally from Mt. Pocono. She really enjoys going to school and working in Wilkes-Barre because shes found tons of opportunities to experience new things, network with new people, and learn from upcoming, influential experts in their fields. At any given time, her main goal is to get outside and enjoy the outdoors- which she says is another perk of living an area filled with incredible natural features.

In her spare time Samantha enjoys all types of adventuring, educational seminars and public speaking, skating and creative activities. Something most people don’t know about her is that she is an amateur taxidermist. Her favorite color is Kelly Green and her favorite candy bar is Payday’s.

One of Samantha’s watercolors!

Taking a step outside of her field, she was introduced to Coal Creative and saw an opportunity to better strengthen an essential skill required for the modern workforce- critical thinking expressed creatively. Combined with Samantha’s interest in marketing and design, she considers her time spent at Coal Creative as a chance to gain critical industry exposure. She believes that interactive projects and learn-as-you-go experiences are necessary to sharpen an innovative mind, and is looking forward to the challenges of project management, customer relations, and design-based work.

Samantha has been working hard on graphics for some of our clients for social media as well as a bunch of other great projects. See some of her work below!

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