Are you interested in local arts, entertainment, and issues that matter to NorthEastern Pennsylvania? Look no further as NEPA Scene brings to you its weekly podcast via Facebook Live! Every Wednesday night at 7pm on the NEPA Scene Facebook page, guests ranging from a variety of occupations sit down for an hour-long interview that brings stories, laughs, and the occasional swig of an alcoholic beverage. Viewers that tune in to the Facebook Live broadcast are encouraged to join the podcast in posting comments or questions in the comments section of the live-stream.

The podcast is hosted by Rich Howells, editor and founder of NEPA Scene; Brittany Boote, owner of Boote Photography Studio in Forty Fort; and Johnny Popko, the senior marketing consultant at local radio stations Alt 92.1, Rock 107, and ESPN Radio.

If you are unable to tune in during the Facebook Live Stream, you can rewatch the broadcast on their Facebook page and also YouTube. Those interested can also listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher airing Friday.

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