Please Give a Warm Welcome to Arron, Coal’s Newest Intern!

Much like professional sports teams sign young, talented players to rejuvenate their squads, Coal loves working with aspirational interns to keep us pushing the creative envelope. It takes more than creative vision to join our ranks, however—you need talent, technical skill, and the patience to put up with some pretty zany colleagues. 

Today, the Coal-alition grows one member stronger. Arron Mixell, a burgeoning web developer with a desire to hone his skills, has been taught the Coal Clubhouse’s secret password and granted access to our inner world.


The Lowdown on Arron

Arron is an autodidact developer who chose to forego the ivory tower to learn about his interests at his own pace. With a passion for programming and tech driving his career, he’s brimming with excitement at the opportunity to join Coal’s professional web development team. 

When he’s not coding his latest creation, Arron can be found singing along to his favorite tunes or gaming up a storm. He shreds at Guitar Hero, makes quick work of scrambled Rubik’s cubes, and can remedy your lagging laptop or failing phone with ease.

Arron has two middle names, but wouldn’t share either of them with us (even for legal purposes). He did, however, give us three key insights about his character:

  • His favorite color is green
  • He is a cat person
  • He loves Milk Duds


Mysterious middle names aside, these two qualities make us certain he’ll fit right in at Coal (candy lovers unite) and we’re thrilled to have Arron as part of the team!


Arron x Coal: Catering Creative Web Development

Web development takes a creative mind and a meticulous eye for detail. Luckily, our core crew of Coalites are crafty visionaries with a penchant for being pedantic. Arron is raring to collaborate with our seasoned, skilled squad of development and design experts to create modern, functional sites that they all can be proud of. And that feeling is totally mutual.

Working on a development team is a new experience for Arron, but he’s keen to master unfamiliar techniques and learn how websites grow from concept to completion. 

Arron, you’re going to make an invaluable asset to our lineup and we can’t wait to show you the ins and outs of working as a developer!

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