Here at CoalCreative, we believe that any organization or business can utilize our internet marketing services. When Riggs Asset Management came to us looking to up their game, we couldn’t wait to start working with them on their first project.

Our first project with Riggs Asset Management was a video featuring their Chief Compliance Officer and Investment Advisor Susan Shoemaker. With Susan, we created a video that spoke to professional women about making financial decisions when nearing retirement. In the video, Susan gives the statistic that women are the breadwinners in 40% of US households, proving that the information that follows can be extremely helpful in helping this women manage their wealth.

More recently, we got the opportunity to work with the President of Riggs Asset Management, Robert H. Graham on another video project. This video spoke about investment markets and how the economic backdrops fluctuate domestically and globally. Robert speaks eloquently to how global fluctuations can affect the US economic backdrop.

These video projects help potential customers who are adjusted to a world that lives inside of a computer screen understand why they may need help making financial decisions. They also give a personal touch that you don’t get with a pamphlet or brochure. CoalCreative loves giving organizations the opportunity to reach more people with our services.

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