Silent disco‘s or silent raves are events where people dance and listen to music through wireless headphones. In the early 90’s, eco-activists used the technology at outdoor parties to minimize noise pollution and disturbance to local wildlife. Today, silent disco technology is being used in so many innovative ways.

Silent Sound System is NEPA’s premiere source of silent disco technology. Not only does SSS have powerful headphones that transmit powerful sound, they can simultaneously broadcast three different stations at one time, giving the listener a unique, customized experience. The wireless headphones that SSS provides are not only great for parties. Shows, Corporate Gatherings, Clubs, Weddings, Conventions, DJ Battles, Yoga/Fitness, Meetings, Art Installations, Movie Screenings, Bilingual Events, Silent Comedy, Guided Tours, Mobile Dance Party, Educational Events are some of the innovative ways that this technology is being utilized today.

CoalCreative had a blast creating their website and the video seen above (you might even see some CoalCreative staff members making cameos in it!). Check out Silent Sound Systems on Facebook and their Website!

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