Hi everyone! Welcome to our new blog post where we will chronicle what we are doing as interns for Coal Creative. My name is Alex Hargrave and I’m the social media and communications intern.

In my position, I work on blog posts and social media posts. This week, I’ve been posting for Coal Creative’s website and social media. I’ve been doing writing, writing and more writing!

We’ve all been busy reaching out to different counties across Pennsylvania to be featured in a video highlighting the arts in each.

You’ll be surprised to hear that Jason and Sara, our graphic design interns, have been working on… graphics! Jason has been working with Kiss Theatre Co. to create posters for their upcoming shows, his most recent one being for Willy Wonka. He also created a coupon book ad for the Woodlands that will be featured in the Times Leader. Sara has also been working with the Woodlands, creating an updated summer menu insert for Crescenzos.

Barry, our business development intern, has been busy recently with developing a SWOT analysis for Coal Creative! On top of this, he’s been working on an the intern video project we are putting together to highlight the Wilkes-Barre area – stay tuned for more details!

Keep an eye out for more updates on what we’re working on this summer!

Stay Coal,


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