Happy Friday everyone! As interns at Coal Creative, we’ve had a pretty eventful two weeks since our last update.

Our graphic design intern, Jason has been working on more posters and social media graphics for Kiss Theatre Co. as well as advertisements for 98.5 KRZ.

Barry has been at the helm of our intern video project, doing the planning and organizing to get our video off of the ground as soon as possible. He presented our idea to Jess and Holly and it has been approved! We will start filming today at Kirby Park, so stay tuned for updates on our progress. We won’t be revealing the subject of the video until August when it comes out, but we drop some hints along the way!

As our business development intern, Barry has also been working on a budget outline for a marketing concept for Coal Creative’s participation in Christmas in July.

I am the social media and communications intern, so I’ve been working on social media for Coal Creative and one of our clients, Pinnacle Rehabilitation Associates (give them a like on Facebook!). I’ve also written blog posts for Coal Creative including intern spotlight posts and our “Wow, What a Week!” company blog post.

We look forward to sharing more of our projects with you!

Stay Coal,


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