Green Rhino Website Announcement Web Design

From the very first meeting with the owners of Green Rhino Builders LLC, we knew their exciting energy would be a blast to match, and matching it was a challenge that our team was absolutely up for. The first “mock up” design of their website featured a rhino bursting from the top of a well shingled roof.

While the final version was slightly watered down (sorry Matt), we think the final design captures the high, contagiously good energy that the folks at Green Rhino Builders LLC bring to every single job that they complete.


Mock Up Design Green Rhino Website
Website Design draft 01 Featuring an actual rhino.

The Website

With it’s new sleek design, featuring their bold logo and brand colors, their new website prominently displays and explains the services they offer, leading the visitor to that all powerful call to action — In the case of the Green Rhino website, a contact form. The team thought it was important to display real job site photos, rather than stock photos — so what you see on the website, is what you get and can expect.

Don’t take our word for it, click this link to check out the brand new website for our favorite, passionate, high energy roofers.

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