Founder and Owner of The Zen Barre, Jonelle Dickson, reached out to CoalCreative with the hopes to find a marketing team that could help take her barre brand and certification course to the next level. About a month ago, Jonelle had two separate websites for her studio and her certification course which was making it difficult to maintain on her own as well as creating extra steps for her clients that were interested in learning about everything she has to offer. We knew right away that one of the first steps would be to combine her sites into one beautiful user-friendly website that would showcase both her products and services in a whole new and exciting light for her existing and future customers.

“Working with the team at Coal Creative has been a rewarding and pleasant experience. Holly is so helpful and always responds quickly. She has great ideas and asks the right questions,” Jonelle said. “The development of my new website was easy and painless. I love the results. Michelle listened to my ideas and needs and met them in every way imaginable. The end project is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

One of our newest team members, Michelle, was tasked with completing this website. “This was the first project with Coal Creative that I saw from start to finish. I had never tackled anything like this before! I know a small amount of yoga from a class I took in college, but this is so much more than that,” Michelle explained.

A huge shout out to Michelle for a job well done! We are looking forward to moving onto our next projects with Jonelle and The Zen Barre, so stay tuned!

Be sure to check out The Zen Barre’s new website here!

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