We are overjoyed to welcome the newest member of the Coal Crew: our summer intern Victoria Fini. Vic will work side-by-side with the Coal Creative team with a focus on social media and community involvement.

Vic is a senior at the University of Scranton from Goshen, New York. She is set to graduate in the spring of 2022 with a major in marketing and a minor in social media strategy. 

As a social media intern, Vic will create and implement social media campaigns with our collaborators. She will create content and plan how it’s shared.

“I would like to be able to learn more about how an agency works and the general flow of taking on clients and seeing projects to the end,” said Vic, who also expressed interest in video production. 

Vic will get to learn from our video, social media and content teams as they tell our clients’ stories. She’s jumping right into our collaborative work flow, even getting exposure to NEPA Creative. NEPA Creative is our creative community arm, co-founded by CEO Holly K. Pilcavage and Creative Director Sam O’Connell, which highlights local creatives and brings them together for monthly events. 

Vic will also lend her talents to Dress For Success Luzerne County, a local nonprofit that empowers women to achieve economic independence. 

In her free time, Vic enjoys kayaking and going to the beach. She’s also an athlete, having run a half marathon and played softball for 15 years. It is possible — even likely — that if a softball game breaks out this summer anywhere near Coal Creative she’ll be called up to the big leagues. We hope you have your glove handy!

We love our interns at Coal Creative. Look no further than full-timers like Samantha Bucher, our Content Manager & Design Specialist. Samantha started as a spring 2019 intern, while attending King’s College. Since 2017, we’ve had three groups of interns per year bring their fresh perspectives and ideas to Coal Creative.

The intern class of summer 2021 is small, but mighty. Vic is our first intern since the COVID-19 pandemic put the program on ice for more than a year. We’re ready to jump back in with a new, bright mind on the team. Welcome, Vic!

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