Frank Kocsis, 2022 Summer Graphic Design Intern for Coal Creative

Frank Kocsis, a senior at Pennsylvania College of Technology, has joined Coal Creative as a graphic design intern for the summer. 

The Mid-Valley High School graduate says he wants to expand his design experience to include web design and see projects from beginning to end. 

This summer he’ll get the chance to work with our web team to connect graphic design principles with the user experience emphasis needed to design a website. 

During his time with us, Frank will design for clients, nonprofits and Coal Creative. He has already worked on a handful of projects including yard signs for Pridefest and sponsor graphics for the Dress for Success of Luzerne County Golf Tournament.

Frank also shared that he wanted to experience working in an office during his internship. So far, Frank’s been involved in a brownie-based dispute that escalated to a rush-delivered ice cream cake for a Tik Tok video. Ya know, typical office stuff.

Frank can often be found behind the lens of a camera, whether that’s as a student photographer at Penn Tech or in his free time. In his free time Frank enjoys playing drums with his band and skiing.


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