Drew is a native of Wilkes-Barre –  Ashley, specifically – growing up in a home with his parents and younger brother. After graduating high school, he spent six years pursuing education and careers in various locations around the country. Initially, he started his pursuit of higher education at Kutztown University, majoring in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Before graduating, he decided to join the United States Air Force to become a translator; attending the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California where he learned to read, write, and speak Arabic from Middle-Eastern natives. After the military, he lived in Ithaca, NY in a house full of filmmakers and writers where he took a crash course on bohemian living; participating in various projects and learning to further appreciate and understand the arts and digital media.

Most recently, he found himself being drawn to Coal Creative after hearing of their momentous rise in the local marketing scene and seeing the rapid growth of their advertising and media presence in Wilkes-Barre (his words, we swear). When further investigation revealed the caliber of their talent, he decided to pursue a position and ultimately landed on the scene as their newest Creative Assistant. Being part of such a stunningly capable team, he expects to learn a great deal and looks forward to bringing his skills in writing and analytics to bear in the development of marketing and media for businesses both local and beyond.

Drew says his hobbies are primarily comprised of curling up fireside next to his cats with an obscure PubMed article, the writings of ancient stoic philosophers, or a contemporary socio-economic op-ed on his screen.  His passions and interests are scrimshaw, psycholinguistic magicks, international traveling, and thinking about thinking. On occasion, you’ll catch him in short shorts running across the Market Street Bridge, or supporting one of his outrageously talented friends at a local music venue. Most commonly, though, he can be found with a blonde companion enjoying local health-food spots, the simplicity of nature, or other more meditative, soul-satiating outings.

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