Hi everyone! My name is Alex Hargrave and I’m Coal Creative’s new Social Media and Communications Intern. I’ll be taking over Jess’ role in creating our weekly blog posts!

Last week was a busy one at Coal as we wrapped up our videos for the 2018 EPIC Awards. These videos were made to honor the recipients of the Innovator of the Year Award, the Volunteer of the Year Award, the Athena Award as well as the anniversaries of Northeast Sight Services and the Family Business Alliance at Wilkes University. Matt also worked on the ad book for the awards, so we are excited to share everything on our social very soon! It was quite a video filled week with those videos being finished along with a video shoot for the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association.

This week, we have also been working with Brian Regula to get his website up and running, so stay tuned for that coming soon!

It was an exciting week for us as Holly, our Director of Business Development, graduated from Leadership Wilkes-Barre! Through this experience, Holly had the opportunity to work with other professionals in the community and build relationships with everyone in her class.

As interns, we wrapped up our first week here! Barry, Sara, Jason and I have worked on getting acquainted with coal along with our clients! Jason had the opportunity to jump right in and shadow the NEPA Scene podcast on Wednesday night. We’re excited for the coming weeks to jump in and get ~creative~

Stay Coal,


Interns being welcomed on our first day with a maintenance elevator ride
Holly at her Leadership Wilkes-Barre Graduation!
Sam filming for WVCA


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