Hi everyone! The team at Coal Creative had a busy week filled with a lot of filming done by the video boys AND the interns! On Wednesday, us interns learned how to use the video cameras and went out to Frances Slocum to start filming for our video project. It was a beautiful day, and as an added bonus, Jason brought apple strudels.

Barry capturing some film

Friday brought another adventure to Hickory Run State Park where we filmed the stream as well as boulder field.

The 2018 PA Governor’s Awards for the Arts is approaching, and we just had a successful first video review with Gina Malsky! We can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product.

On Thursday evening, we filmed for the United Way of Wyoming Valley’s upcoming project at Boote Photography Studio. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring their vision to life!

Jess and Matt also met with Riggs Asset Management to discuss marketing resources, so we are excited for what will come of that! We look forward to another productive week filled with fun and adventure and we hope yours is the same!

Stay coal,


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