Wow, What a Week! is a weekly blog highlighting our weeks at CoalCreative in all their wonderful, crazy glory. Check back every Monday to see what we’re up to week to week!

The beginning of May brought a week of beautiful weather to Northeast PA and we are living for it at CoalCreative. If it were up to me, from the months of May to August we would work sitting on benches in the middle of Public Square. Mays first week was filled with exciting things for Coal, mostly to do with launches of many projects we had been working on over the last few months.

Matt was finally able to launch one of his biggest projects so far in 2018, creating a website for the e-edition of a book about our beloved Harvey’s Lake written by F. Charles Petrillo. Matt and the Coal team have been working for months scanning in tons of photos and transferring content to make the publication available online. The GWB Chamber of Commerce went live with their invitation to the 2018 EPIC Awards that Sam and Emily worked on. Northeast Sight Services debuted a PSA that Sam has been working on for the last four weeks or so, highlighting the work that Northeast Sight Services does for the visually impaired members of our community. Stay up to date with them and CoalCreative, as more is coming your way from us in 2018.

The third ENGAGE! Town Hall was held last Wednesday, and Sam was there bright and early to film. Sean, one of our spring interns, took photos for an event held by the NEPA Philharmonic last week as well. Holly attended the Business Plan Presentations of 12 students at Wilkes University. As you can see, it was a pretty busy week for us, but what else is new?

One of the saddest things we have to do as a team is say goodbye to our interns every semester. This year, we did so by having a team ice cream social at Ballyhoo in West Pittston. Over ice cream sundaes the size of your head, we reminisced about the past semester and gave our well wishes to our great interns from this past semester. Jonah, Sean and Claire, we will miss you guys so much and wish you nothing but luck in the future!

Even though we lost our interns, we did gain a new team member. Dusty Olivia Wildflower Pilcavage, Liv for short, joined the team as a content creator (and by that I mean content creation for our Snapchat Stories, because we physically cannot stop taking photos and videos of her whenever shes around.).

We will be moving the Wow, What a Week! to Monday’s going forward, so make sure you check back every week to see what were up to!

Stay Coal,


Northeast Sight Services PSA

EPIC Award Invitation

ENGAGE! Town Hall

Holly at the Business Plan Presentations


Ice Cream with the Interns!

Newest Team Member, Liv!

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