Announcing the all-new Creative Directory for creators of all types

Connect with peers and patrons on the NEPA Creative Directory

Coal Creative’s community arm, NEPA Creative, has unveiled the all new NEPA Creative Directory. 

The platform, free to use and free to peruse, lets creators in Northeast Pennsylvania reach potential collaborators as well as patrons. The platform’s streamlined categories organize creator profiles by craft or specialty. 

Likewise, People looking to support the regional art scene use the directory to find painters, musicians, writers, producers, potters and basket weavers in their own community. 

“A lot of people think you have to be somewhere like Philly or New York to find a creative scene,” said Travis Antoniello, Coal Creative’s web developer and technology specialist. “But there is so much going on in NEPA that people should know about.”

He built the directory platform along with Matt Simoncavage, Coal Creative’s lead web developer and lead designer. Travis is also a musician and producer, so building the platform was personal.

“Having been involved in the music scene over the last six years, I’ve met so many unique creative individuals,” Travis said. “There truly is a lot of talent in our area, so being able to bring some awareness to that is really cool.” 

People who make profiles on the directory are called Creators. Because whether they’re public speakers, event planners or sculptors, these people are in the business of creating. They make tangible things, and also make experiences, great orations and presentations. 

As the directory gets off the ground, we encourage creators in the region to start their own free profile and talk about it on their social media profiles. 


  • Creators start free profiles by category. Creators with more than one skill can start more than one listing.
  • Creators can promote their profiles on their own channels and direct their audiences to learn more about them on the directory.
  • Collaborators in search of connections use categories to find like-minded creators who might be interested in working together.
  • Potential patrons search for talent like painters, musicians, producers, speakers, or even pottery studios!

“NEPA Creative’s goal has always been to shine the spotlight on local creators since its launch in early 2017,” said Holly Pilcavage, Coal Creative’s Chief Executive Officer who co-founded NEPA Creative.

“With 52 video spotlights, monthly creative meetups and more than 110 online Sunday Spotlights, we have always focused on promoting creators,” she said. “The launch of this directory is the next step in helping others find the amazing array of local creators to hire, collaborate with or admire.”

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