Coal Creative - Does My Business in Northeastern Pennsylvania Need a Threads Account?

In early July 2023, Meta launched its much-anticipated rival to X’s (formerly Twitter’s) fast-scrolling, small snippet format: Threads. As expected, the microblogging app was an instant smash. Over 100 million users got in on the action in the first week alone [1].

Threads is certainly shaking up app stores, but the question brewing in many minds is still, what’s it all about? Is it really just a copycat platform trying to fill the void as X falls out of favor [2]?

While it serves some similar functions as X, Threads has its own unique elements that distinguish it from the OG shorthand platform. From user experience to marketing viability, we’re unraveling Threads to delve into the fabric of Meta’s latest offering in this month’s Creative Juice.


The Essence of Threads: Purpose, Function and Uses

Let’s start with the essentials. Threads is a companion app to Instagram that’s accessed by logging in through the same account. While IG is photo-focused, Threads is, as proclaimed by Meta, an app geared toward “sharing with text” [3].

Threads employs an infinite scroll through quick, catered bites of entertainment and information. Posts pass vertically in rapid succession and are governed by a few basic guiding principles [3]:

  • No more than 500 characters per post (though if you want to write a novel, it can be broken down into a series of linked posts—ironically called threads on X).
  • Links, photos and videos up to 5 minutes long can be included alongside plain text.
  • Content must follow Threads’ Terms of Use, which includes adhering to Instagram’s separate user policies.

Threads looks and feels a lot like X, but with your friends imported from Instagram, its content has a familiar feel to the established photo-sharing platform. For now, Instagram and Threads are the primary siblings at play, but Zuckerberg and co. have plans to integrate Threads into other open, interoperable social networks [3].


What Threads Means for X and Businesses 

Speaking of other social networks, Threads is Meta’s third heavy hitter alongside Facebook and Instagram (fourth, if you expand the definition of social network to include WhatsApp).

So, why did the tech juggernaut feel the need to expand its suite into contestable territory? We asked our Campaign Manager, Jesse Macko, to weigh in on Meta’s intent and Threads’ place in the market. 

He says that “Threads has the opportunity to take over some of the popularity X has lost.” Since it’s linked to Instagram, he believes there’s “a chance people will find themselves switching between the two apps.”

So, like many, Jesse sees Threads as a harbinger of slow times for X. He also foresees Facebook, Instagram and Threads integrating into Meta’s Business Suite, making it easier for organizations to:

  • Schedule posts
  • View content
  • Analyze traffic across all platforms

So, with Meta making it easier to integrate accounts across multiple platforms, is it time for brands to focus their marketing efforts on the hot, new social platform?

And the question we’re asking at Coal is, can businesses in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond benefit from Threads to maximize their reach? Let’s dive in.


Threads: The Future of Social Media?

From the hills and valleys of Scranton, Pittson and Hazleton to The Land of the Rising Sun, over 100 million users in more than 100 countries have already hopped on the Threads train [3].

Does all the hype mean businesses should go all in on marketing in the space? Not necessarily, as interest in the platform has already started to cool off. 

While Threads had a big initial boon, its daily user base has dropped by more than 70% less than three weeks after launch [4]. 

This type of fall-off may be expected with the onset of new apps, so it’s not a complete surprise that engagement is trailing. Still, the platform is in its infancy, so there’s no telling whether it will find favor long-term or fizzle out.

Nonetheless, many businesses have already claimed their Threads accounts and are actively posting, including [5]: 

  • Nine out of 10 of the nation’s largest retailers
  • Four out of five of the country’s top consumer brands

Like any new platform, time will ultimately tell whether businesses—and more importantly, high-intent consumers—will become loyal. But if you’re a business that heavily uses Instagram or if Facebook and Instagram are parts of your omnichannel marketing strategy, it may serve you well to get in on the early learnings of this platform. 


Threads: The Final Verdict

Whether you’re a business, digital retailer or online influencer, Threads may be another useful tool to connect with consumers who are in an exploratory space. And like other social networks, it can be a place to:

  • Share quick thoughts, projects and ideas
  • Promote the products and services you offer
  • Advertise live events or behind-the-scenes footage 
  • Communicate with others and form a community around a brand or idea

Threads is free and, since it’s predated by big brother Instagram, already has a decent size base of regular users. Claiming your account is as easy as connecting an existing Instagram profile, so if you’re already on IG, there’s not much harm in scoping it out.

If you do, let us know what you think! As a creative agency dedicated to all things modern marketing, this kind of investigative work is our kind of newsfeed. 





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