As humans, we love free stuff. Giveaways, prizes, contests! You name it, I want it. It isn’t very difficult to get your fans excited with the proper giveaway. Today, we’re going to talk about things you can, and can’t do when running a Facebook contest.

Reviewing Facebook Contest Rules & Guidelines

Today we’re going to talk about hosting contests and the things you can, and can’t do to promote your contest on Facebook.

Contests are great ways to excite your audience and get them more involved with your brand.

So, what are the ways you can run a contest on Facebook?

Well, to keep this simple, you can ask someone to like or comment on a post or you can even ask them to do both in order to qualify. You can also reward the person with the comment that has the most likes on a posting, or you can just ask your fans to send you a message.

Now as for things you can’t do, a common contest practice that people utilize that is actually against Facebook’s Guidelines is asking someone to share your posting in order to enter to win.

If you don’t believe me, you might want to read over Facebook’s guidelines to make sure you don’t accidentally get your fan page shut down.

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