Sometimes, it can be difficult to get your message across on Facebook. Today, I want to talk about a magical place where people aren’t complaining about their relationship problems. They’re talking about business, they’re networking, they’re trying to find jobs and connect with business professionals. If you’re on Facebook wondering what I mean, give me the next minute of your life to tell you about this wonderful place called LinkedIn.

Why you and your Business need to get LinkedIn

Today’s tip is about the benefits of using LinkedIn. Its the perfect social media outlet for networking and business and here’s why…

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn users are here to talk business and to share information about their brand. And since we can’t always be attending networking events in person, LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to build up your professional network from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s today’s tip, if you’re open 5-days a week, get LinkedIn into your daily habit, do something, anything on LinkedIn every day you’re at work.

  1. Endorse someone
  2. Congratulate one of your connections on a new job
  3. Share an update
  4. Write an article
  5. Like a posting

There’s five ways to get you started.

By connecting with professionals on LinkedIn, you’re putting your resume as well as your company’s information right where they need it. This way when you connect, they can feel more secure in conversations moving forward since they know who they’re talking to on a professional level.

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