Keeping Up With the Coal Crew - April

Transformation defines April in Pennsylvania. The trees turn green and cool breezes wander through the house again. It’s an in-between phase when you know something good is coming your way, but you’re not quite there yet. The Coal Crew is transforming, too. Here are a few exciting things happening to the team.

Coal’s CEO, Holly Pilcavage believes transformation is at the root of 2021, and is here, ready and willing to welcome it! “In 2021, I see Coal Creative continuing to transform and expand and continuing to step into it’s full form as a creative agency. In 2021, I see the communities we serve continuing to transform and learn and become better for the people that live within them. In 2021, I see myself personally transforming as I continue to work on self-worth, self-esteem, boundaries, and intentions.” 

April is Coal Creative’s Creative Director, Sam O’Connell’s 30th birthday… “This Month I turn 30 — With that coming into focus, I have started to focus more and more on establishing routines to make sure I am focusing on self care. Taking time to be creative after work, ensuring I work out every day, intermittent fasting —  all the way down to setting an alarm to make sure I moisturize my mug.”

Our Business Development Manager, Camaryn Lokuta is looking forward to the  transformation of her garden! “Last year I started a garden as a way to keep myself busy and active during the quarantine, and completely fell in love! Watching my tiny little seedlings grown into food I can cook with is truly amazing to me.  I am really looking forward to expanding my garden and watching it transform this year.” 

“I’m transforming my animations into games” says our Project Manager, Jeremy Brown. You can catch the Coal Creative team playing the “Wallace the dog” game in their freetime (or when Holly isn’t looking!)

Alex Manganella, Coal Creative’s Production Manager is looking forward to transforming his flexibility…  “This spring I’ve decided to become more flexible. I just turned 25 so I think it’s probably time to take some steps toward longevity. I’m not aiming for anything impressive, I just want to be able to touch my toes and not have my shoulders hurt after I workout. I think this is a realistic goal.” 

Coal’s Post Production Manager, Will McHale says “Spring is my favorite season, and witnessing nature sprout back to life always seems to serve as inspiration to take on new tasks. My spring transformations will come in the form of many home improvements and projects. I’ve got a long list of things that will be built, repaired, painted, refinished, or revived around my living space. Perhaps the most exciting of which is a vintage motorcycle that I’ve started the process of rebuilding. I’m looking forward to utilizing the extra daylight and warmth in my workshop and breathing some new life into some things around me.”

Our Lead Web Developer and Designer, Matt Simoncavage has been working on his band’s debut album…. “My band has been hard at work for almost a year on our debut album, and it’s looking like April will be the month we finish recording. I’m looking forward to transforming all of our hard work on the music and artwork into the final product we can finally share with the public!”

Travis Antoniello, Coal’s Web Developer is looking forward to transforming his skateboarding skills… “This spring, I want to transform my abilities as a skateboarder and push myself to improve. I’ve heard that there is going to be a professionally designed skate park built in Wilkes-Barre, and I want to be ready. It would be great to have another spot for the community to come together with skating events and lives shows – especially after being cooped up all year.”

Samantha Bucher; Coal Creative’s Content Manager, is feeling the excitement of transforming after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine! “This spring, I am starting to feel transformed by excitement. My vaccine appointment has been scheduled and that is making me feel very free. I’m excited for a future where I push myself more outside of my comfort zone to travel to new places and to make big life decisions. I see 2021 and 2022 as a time for new growth and development with lessons learned from 2020.” (To learn more about getting the COVID-19 vaccine in PA click here!)

John Martin, Coal’s Web Specialist is excited for the warmer weather! “The better weather has me excited. I’m planning on building corn hole boards this month. Also I’m looking forward to May 4th aka Star Wars day.” 

Lots of amazing transformation going on here at Coal Creative! 


Until next time… stay coal!

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