April 22 is Earth Day. The annual observance celebrates the 1970 anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. Each year, the day sparks various initiatives and sustainability projects.

To mark our planet’s big day, the Coal Crew shared some of their favorite green habits and products. 


Trash Single-Use Plastics

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of single-use plastics. Three members of our team zeroed in on shopping bags and bottles as a way to curb their landfill contributions.

“My sustainability tip is to use reusable mesh or canvas bags for groceries/shopping,” said Will McHale, Post Production Manager. “I hate the thought of having to constantly throw away a plastic bag after buying a few items.”

Project Manager Jeremy Brown is on the same page.

“I make ample use of my reusable bags and bottles, although it’s more for hating the feeling of creating excess trash than for earth sustainability (which may seem like splitting hairs),” Jeremy explained.

Sam O’Connell, our Chief Creative Officer, also avoids plastic bags.

“My sustainability practice is to always cut up the plastic bottle or can rings in honor of our aquatic friends,” Sam said. “Also a bonus is to avoid bags when shopping — If you see me running across the square jugglin’ three kombucha’s know that I am doing it for Mother Earth.”


Plant a Tree

“Everyone knows I’m Coal Creative’s resident tree, so last year for Earth Day the team gifted me my firstborn via One Tree Planted,” said Matt Simoncavage, Lead Web Developer and Lead Designer.  Joking aside, One Tree Planted is an awesome non-profit organization focused on global reforestation that plants one tree for every dollar donated.


Go Green with Gardening 

Coal Creative President and CEO Holly K. Pilcavage discovered her green thumb last year. Her foray into gardening also lit a culinary spark. 

“Grow your own food!” Holly suggested. “I started dabbling last year and produced an abundance of tomatoes, broccoli, and sweet peppers. It was so satisfying and I felt so connected to the meals I’d make from them too!”

Camaryn Lokuta, Operations and Business Development Manager, seconded the joy of a home garden.

“Not only is it incredibly rewarding, but it is a great way to get healthy food incorporated into your diet,” Camaryn said. “Although I only have a small-scale garden, I like to think I am making a positive difference by cutting down on the fuel needed to transport food from the farms to my home.”

Our Director of Strategic Communications Jon O’Connell is also a backyard gardener. Coming off a successful crop of jalapenos, Jon plans to add potatoes, carrots and cucumbers to his plot this year. 

Jon has gone a step further to edit his diet.

“I stopped eating fish almost entirely about a year ago. I’m a pescatarian, and I had tuna for lunch and cod or something for dinner several times a week so personally it was a tough call,” said Jon. “I realize my decision alone is probably not enough to pump the brakes on an unsustainable and destructive fishing industry. Just trying to do my part.”


Give Candle Jars a New Life

The “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” tagline often comes to mind when considering sustainable practices. Video Specialist Jay Nguyen developed a great reuse habit.

“I’m a big fan of candles and have accumulated quite a number of jars and glasses over the years!” said Jay. “Once I’ve used up the wax, I’ll clean the glasses out to reuse around the house. I’ve mostly used them to store all of my cotton pads, hair ties, jewelry, loose change, and food. They’re great for growing some plants too! I often find myself growing green onions and mints!”


Sustainable Products We Love

Coincidentally, the Content Team suggested several green products (and a few bonus habits). We’ll let Content Director Samantha Bucher set the tone.

 “Trying to live a greener lifestyle can seem intimidating, but I try to focus on a few things at a time and do what I can. Two years ago, I switched to shampoo and conditioner bars and I’ll never go back. It’s been a much healthier option for my hair, ends up saving me money and there’s zero waste (no more plastic bottles that are hard to recycle!),” Samantha said.

“I also have a home compost bin, buy what I can in bulk and try to support my local farmers by purchasing produce at farmer’s markets. Find some things that work for you and stick to them. Even small steps add up!” Samantha concluded.

Social Media Specialist Jesse Macko found a pair of toiletry brands with eco-friendly packaging and a focus on reducing waste.

“I learned about two brands that have greatly helped me reduce the amount of plastic waste I use — Ethique and Bite,” Jesse said. “Ethique is a great beauty brand that uses compostable and biodegradable packaging, and they have effective skincare. I also started using Bite to replace my toothpaste tubes and mouthwash bottles. They use dry tablets (they look like mints!) that you chew, wet your toothbrush, and start brushing with. I highly recommend both brands if you’re looking for a way to start getting rid of plastic in your bathroom!”

Content Writer Adam Roberts recommended two sustainable products that reduce daily kitchen waste.

“My family stumbled across two products from Marley’s Monsters that I absolutely love,” Adam began. “Their Unpaper towels are reusable cloth squares that have helped cut down on the amount of paper towels and napkins we throw away. We just toss them in the wash machine after use. As a bonus, they come in different colors and patterns to match your kitchen motif.”

“I also recommend Marley’s Monsters’ Reusable Coffee Filters,” Adam continued. “Instead of throwing out the used paper filter every morning, I rotate between two reusable filters. After about 10 uses, I boil the cloth filters and they’re ready for another fresh pot of java.”


Save Gas — Make Your Friends Drive

And of course this wouldn’t be Keeping Up With The Coal Crew if someone didn’t slide in a joke answer. Take it away Alex Manganella.

“Earth Day Sustainability Tip: Convince your friends to drive you everywhere. On an interpersonal level, it’s not really a virtuous thing to do. I can easily drive myself, afford the gas, and stop inconveniencing the people that care about me,” our Production Manager explained.

“But this isn’t about them, it’s about the world. I’m BRAVE for reducing my carbon footprint. It’s also why I don’t give them gas money either. I don’t want to encourage their gas guzzling.”

We hope you’ll join us in going green this Earth Day. Treat the planet with respect, it’s the only one we get and remember … stay Coal!

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