If you’ve logged into Facebook over the last few months, you’ve more than likely seen some of your friends going “live” while scrolling through your news feed. We noticed too and what we also saw was an awesome opportunity to take businesses, organizations, and even individuals LIVE on a whole new level. Whether it is on-location or within our very own studio, we are shooting with professional-level gear utilizing multi-camera angles to bring your message and events to life within the World Wide Web. Overlays, tickers, and lower thirds are just some of the effects that can be added in when streaming. Depending on the length, we even add in commercials and other fillers as needed to keep your audience at home engaged and excited!

More recently, we have had the opportunity to begin working with Kristoper B. Jones, Founder & CEO of LSEO.com, on his Ask Me Anything series. Previous to bringing us on board, Kris was utilizing his iPhone to capture his videos and share through Facebook LIVE. This is what he has to share about deciding to work with CoalCreative:

“Want to take your LIVE video to the next level? Hire Coal Creative – that’s what I did and the quality of my videos went from elementary to professional immediately. At the end of the day your brand and message will be taken more serious by producing videos that are clear, crisp, and highly professional. Hiring Gerard, Holly, Emily, and the amazing Coal Creative team was one of the better business decisions I’ve made in the last 18 months.” – Kristopher B. Jones, Founder & CEO, LSEO.com.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can take you or your business to a whole new LIVE level, contact us today!

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