For those of you who have never needed our services, we hope you never do. But if you do, we will be here for you.” -Connie Scott, Member of Northeast Sight Services Board of Trustees and long time board member and volunteer

In 1918, the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind was formed to help the blind and visually impaired members of our community. Since then, their mission has not wavered, but only gotten stronger. When their centennial year was coming up, they took a look at their organization as a whole and realized that their were individuals in the community who did not reach out to them for assistance because the name of the organization implied that they only served the blind. With this realization came the decision to change the name of the organization to be more inclusive to people with all types of visual impairments, in addition to adding their new Low-Vision Resource Center. On Thursday, January 18th the new name was announced to the public: Northeast Sight Services.

Although the name was announced at a ribbon cutting ceremony, Northeast Sight Services wanted to make sure that the entire community was aware of their name change, including those who could not attend. Our team at CoalCreative was able to attend the event as well as create an announcement video and PSA for Northeast Sight Services that will be utilized in both social media and television mediums. We are extremely fortunate to get to work so closely with an organization that is as committed as we are to bettering our community through its people. CoalCreative and Northeast Sight Services have a lot of exciting plans for this upcoming year, so make sure you follow them on Facebook to stay updated!

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