Coal Creative always scores driven, intelligent interns.

Last semester, Steve and Tre took their project ZU, on Thursday Nights at The Woodlands, to the next level.

Their success is derived by virtue of a Wilkes University education- but also because our area continues to produce high quality people.

In our opinion, interns, and the demographic they represent, are the answer, if there’s a question about Northeastern Pennsylvania’s future success.

That’s why Coal Creative works hard everyday to create opportunity, and foster the aspirations of young people in our area.

And it’s also crucial to express the importance of these efforts with those living in NEPA so long, they could have lost sight of what the area has to offer.

World famous for a history of providing coal on a global scale, Northeastern Pennsylvania is currently morphing toward a future that provides new media, writers, blogs, musicians, art, festivals, restaurants, e-commerce, and entertainment in ways it never did.

Look around- NEPA is stepping it’s game up.

And our interns will promote every bit of it.

We’re pleased to introduce Amanda, Therese, Karisa, and Michelle.

Amanda comes to us from LCCC, a graphic design intern, her portfolio includes some very impressive print work. Aside from that she claims to be really good at making cold brewed coffee, and listed “hanging out with her cat Plinko,” as one of her favorite things to do…with doodling somewhere on the list too. We’re impressed with Amanda’s ability to get things done lightning fast, and she’s always willing to lend her skills to any project.

Therese studies Mass Communications with a minor in Creative Writing, at King’s College. She’s also Music Director at WRKC (King’s radio station), with future plans of writing a book, and creating the next billion-dollar knickknack. We’ve been super impressed with her attention to detail, and killer brainstorming ability. A vegetarian for 8 years, she spends her free time hula hooping, spinning poi, and practicing photography.

Michelle studies New Media, with a double minor in Writing and Film at Cedar Crest College, in Allentown. With future plans of studying with the New York graduate program, Michelle hopes to work in the music industry promoting bands. Listing “people watching, and drawing” in a list of her free time activities, Michelle has a huge impact helping us promote ZU on Thursday Nights at The Woodlands.

Karisa, our video guru, comes to us from Lycoming College, studying Digital Communications with concentrations in Digital Filmmaking and Visual Media, and another impressive minor, in Business Administration. She has her eyes on the music industry in Nashville, and she says, “the inspiration for her work comes from the people around her.” We’re blown away with her video editing talents, and can’t wait to bring you the final project she currently spearheads with Michelle, Therese, and Amanda.

Fueled by the imaginative forces behind Coal Creative, our interns will bring something HUGE to NEPA in the next few months.

The project will be proof that when it comes to creativity— there’s always something to do.


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