Coming up with daily content for your social media accounts can be exhausting, it could be stressful and become something that you just end up procrastinating. Today I’m going to tell you about tools that you can use to schedule out content days… or even weeks in advance.

Save Time & Schedule Content on Social Media

I’ll admit it myself, keeping up with your daily social media content schedule can be tough. But I’m here to introduce you to a few tools that we use here at CoalCreative to help us with scheduling content in advance.

Now, the first thing you need to know is that most social networks have already realized the need to allow their users to schedule content.

Most importantly being Facebook which has a built-in scheduler that you can use simply by clicking the down arrow next to “publish” when you’re writing a post.

Schedule Posts on Facebook!

Using a service like HootSuite or Buffer will allow you to take your scheduling to the next level, by allowing you to write the same message, just one time, and share it across your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and wherever else you have a social media presence!

Keep in mind, most of these services allow you to schedule so many posts or utilize only certain features before you’ll need to upgrade your account and pay. Either way, they are super helpful in saving time and planning for the week ahead.

Don’t forget though, this is social media remember, the key word being social and you need to stay social so don’t just schedule your posts and walk away. Make sure you’re staying active with comments that might come from the postings that you’re scheduling.

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