Over the next 30-days we’re going to give you 30 different social media tips and show you the results of what being consistent on social media can do for your business. So the first tip is simply that – to be consistent with your social media efforts. It’s so easy to get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results from a few posts and for you to just want to give up.

Being Consistent on Social Media is Important!

Don’t. Think about it like going to the gym.

You’re more than likely not going to see results overnight but if you keep at it, and keep working on it, over time, you’ll start seeing results and other people will start to recognize that.

For one, it’s brand recognition, and it helps with keeping your brand in your audience’s brains. When you disappear or just stop posting, your followers and potential customers have an opportunity to be introduced or engaged by some other company who might be more active than you were.

As a general rule of thumb, post as often as your business is open. If you’re open Monday through Friday, try to make a post every day, Monday through Friday, on whatever social networks you’re currently using.

If you’re a business owner that has a fan page with over 10,000 likes, this strategy might not apply to you and may require more compelling and frequent postings than just once per day.

If you’re reading this and stuck trying to come up with ideas, stay tuned, we have another 29 days to help guide you along with coming up with quality content for your social media campaigns.

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