CoalCreative is pleased to introduce our five incoming Spring 2017 Interns from Wilkes University, King’s College, and Luzerne County Community College! This semester, the interns will be working on a variety of predetermined projects with the company and community as well as creating some of their own along the way. Be sure to stay tuned!

Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest team members and learn a bit more about them:

Ryan Parpagene is a senior at Wilkes University studying Marketing with minors in Management and Psychology. When asked what he is looking forward to, Ryan stated, “I am looking forward to learning about web design, graphics, how to successfully market a business, and additional information that will help me grow, develop, and become a more well-rounded individual.” Ryan is surely a go-getter who likes to stay active, travel, and loves to try just about anything and everything when it comes to food! 

Evan Reakes is a second year student at Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) studying Web Development. When learning more about Evan, he expressed, “My past has mostly involved blue collar jobs such as a cook, landscaper, warehouse worker, and oil delivery. I intend to transfer my work ethic into the white collar work force, starting with my internship at CoalCreative.” In addition to his passion for coding, Evan also loves space travel, environmental science, competitive video gaming, and education!

Emily Bellanco is a junior in the Wilkes University Digital Design and Media Arts program with a minor in Fine Art. She has an incredible list of skills making us very excited to bring her onto the team. When talking about her interests, Emily expressed, “ I also love to incorporate my fine art skills into anything I can whether it be adding elements of painting, drawing, or digital art.” This avid tattoo collector and hair-dye enthusiast is without a doubt an artist in many forms at heart!

Michael Hoskins is a senior at King’s College studying Mass Communications with minors in Communications and Marketing. “My background is mainly in visual communications, such as graphic design, and advertising. I hope to bring creativity and positivity combined with strong design and writing skills to the team at CoalCreative this semester.” We are definitely excited to have this diehard Star Wars and Harry Potter fan on the CoalCreative team!

Zijie Huang is a senior studying Business Administration and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Management at Wilkes University. Zijie is passionate about learning and how to be more successful with his own business as well as his family businesses in Guangzhou, China. Zijie explained, My family owns both a manufacturing company and real estate company in China. If possible, I hope I could bring that and interact with CoalCreative.”  With his love for videos games and sports, without a doubt we know Zijie’s positive competitive nature will definitely bring a lot to the table this semester.


Director of Business Development, Holly Pilcavage, is the site supervisor for the internship program. If you would like to inquire about how to gain an internship experience with us at CoalCreative, please email her directly at  

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