Happy Monday everyone! After hours of hard work from our video boys, we finally got to see their finished videos at the 2018 EPIC Awards on Tuesday! The videos were a surprise for each award recipient that featured their families, friends and colleagues congratulating them. The tributes were moving, especially for Innovator of the Year Award recipient, Will Beekman who was moved to tears upon seeing it. Our videos for the anniversaries of Northeast Sight Services and the Family Business Alliance at Wilkes University highlighted what these organizations have done for the community throughout the years.

In addition to creating the videos beforehand, we were also responsible for live streaming the event that included red carpet interviews before the awards began. We took advantage of the red carpet set up to ~strut our stuff~

Sam working on the live stream behind the scenes
Alex and Will filming the red carpet before the awards

As always, we hosted the NEPA Scene podcast on Wednesday night!

Throughout the week, we met with clients about ideas for upcoming projects we will be creating soon. We’re excited to work with the  and The United Way of Wyoming Valley on their upcoming video and the Treatment Court Advocacy Center on their new website!

On Friday, our Director of Business Development, Holly attended the PA CareerLink Intern Seminar at the THINK Center where she presented on the topic of social media use for young professionals. This event was held to help students with the transition into the professional world, and it was held right down the street from our office!

Holly at her presentation!

Sam rounded out the week on Friday evening with a photoshoot at the Woodlands.

We can’t wait for another week of fun and creative work!

Stay Coal,


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