Keeping up with the Coal Crew | August

The Coal Crew had such a good time at Team Building Day in July that we decided to get together again in August. Since, unfortunately, we can’t just hang out every day, this trip is hypothetical. We proposed a day at Lake Jean in Ricketts Glen State Park. Lake Jean has a beach, picnic areas and plenty of space for a proper Coal Creative meetup.

We asked the team what they would bring to make sure we have the Coalest day ever. Let’s see what they had to say.

“I’ll be bringing a shovel to Lake Jean,” said Alex Manganella, Production Manager. 

We’re off to a strong start. Tell me more about the shovel, Alex.

“Hopefully, somebody else remembers sunscreen, drinks, a Bluetooth speaker, and some food, because I have a singular focus on this trip. I’m diggin’ a hole. Deep enough that if nobody remembered sunscreen it won’t matter because the sun can’t reach me. Then years later, I’ll return to Lake Jean and I’ll overhear strangers talking about the hole, possibly with some sort of myth attached to it. I’ll be like John Henry, except instead of beating a machine at my job I just sorta… dug a hole while everyone else swam,” Alex said. 

Mythological hole ✅ 

Who’s next?

Ah, our ever-organized Project Manager Jeremy Brown. He’ll surely bring useful supplies.

“As an avid indoorsman, I’d bring a positive attitude and a good sense of humor, as I’m otherwise unsure what I could bring to improve an outdoor hangout session,” Jeremy said.

Positivity is a must, especially when you have more than a dozen people and one shovel.

“I am definitely bringing a speaker so I can provide everyone with some tunes to jam out to,” said Camaryn Lokuta, our Business Development Manager. “As everyone knows, we will mostly be listening to John Mayer, but I might have to slip in some of the Coal Crew’s various band’s songs as well.”

I can hear it now. John Mayer guitar licks bouncing off the water and booming out of the steadily-growing hole. 

Now it’s starting to feel like a party. Social Media Specialist Jesse Macko is making his Keeping Up With The Coal Crew debut. Whatcha got, Jesse?

“I would bring a portable speaker. It’s not a party until there’s some music playing,” said Jesse. 

I totally agree. Good thing we have two!

“I’d make sure I had my speaker and phone charged to 100% in order to blast some tunes all day, especially the Coal Creative playlist. Hopefully, as the sun would set and the fire would start, we could even use it for a killer karaoke session while we roasted some marshmallows,” Jesse said.

Now, that’s vision! Karaoke and s’mores is an excellent combo. Before we can get to the fireside sing along, more guests are arriving.

“I’m definitely bringing the sunscreen (SPF 50) and making sure everyone applies and reapplies throughout the day. We gotta take care of our bodies first and foremost so that we can enjoy the pretend sunshine all day long,” said CEO Holly K. Pilcavage, saving us all from huddling in Alex’s hole for refuge from the sun.

What a practical contribution, Holly! Oh? There’s more? 

“I’d also have little tiny water guns hidden in my pockets and destroy everyone when they’re least expecting it,” Holly added. 

Practical and mischievous! Hey, is anyone getting hungry?

“I would bring all kinds of fruits!” Video Specialist Jay Nguyen contributed.

“There’s nothing more refreshing than eating freshly-cut fruit on a hot summer day. Plus, it’ll give us a boost of energy to play hard!”

Alright! Now we’re fueled up, dancing and digging! 

“You can never go wrong with a couple cases of SBC Shady Spot.” Matt Simoncavage, Lead Web Developer and Lead Designer, proclaimed.

Of course we would never flout the DCNR’s rules about alcohol in their parks. This is just pretend, remember. 

Here comes Post Production Manager Will McHale with a cooler. What’s inside?

“I’d provide a cooler full of ice cold Topo Chico, the world’s most refreshing sparkling water,” Will said. “As well as a bluetooth speaker for some relaxation jams!” 

You know what they say, you can never have too many bluetooth speakers.

Web Specialist John Martin just arrived and he has quite the haul!

“I would bring my little Weber grill to make some food, my fishing pole and some extras for others if they want to join,” John said, epitomizing the “teach a man to fish” proverb. 

John came through with a way to catch food and cook it. If this Lake day turns into a survival situation, John will be our Bear Grylls. And he’s not done! 

“I’d also bring my cornhole boards that I haven’t made yet, but want to build soon,” John explained. 

Luckily, John doesn’t need to actually build something for our fake day at the beach. Content Writer Adam Roberts has us covered.

“I’m going to bring my cornhole set,” Adam stated. “My trusty cornhole boards have been the centerpiece of many parties since my dad built them a few years ago. The boards are covered with stickers that represent places we’ve been, things we like and plenty of random stuff. There is a Coal Creative sticker on it already. If this Lake Jean trip becomes a reality, I’ll be on the lookout for a sticker to commemorate the occasion.”  

The party essentials of food, drinks, music and an impressively deep hole have all been met. It’s time to play.

“I’ll be bringing a bocce ball set for the team to play. It works great on the sand, and can be quite fun to play with a larger group.” said Design Specialist Madison Kaminski.

“I would bring a frisbee! It’s always fun tossing around a frisbee and chatting. It’s that happy medium between something social and getting to run around a bit.” said Travis Antoniello, Web Developer.

“I would bring a badminton set. It’s a great way to blow off steam and even if we all don’t 100% know the rules, we can still have fun playing it!” added Content Manager & Design Specialist Samantha Bucher.

The beach is loaded with games, and we have one team member left: Creative Director Sam O’Connell.

“Whether by land or sea, there is nothing I like better than a day by and in the water,” Sam explained. “Having only recently discovered the gem that is Lake Jean, I can say with confidence that, were I adventuring up there with the Coal Crew, you wouldn’t find me without these two items: by land — A frisbee to hurl, by sea — A tandem kayak to inspire some team building.”

Looking back at our items, I’d say we have all the making of the Coalest day ever. Thanks for pretending to come along. And remember, stay coal!

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