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15 Mar 2024
The Crucial Importance of Routine Website Maintenance

The Crucial Importance of Routine Website Maintenance

Websites are a lot like cars: they’re shiny, powerful, and fully functional at first. Yet as time passes, they need regularly scheduled maintenance and upgrades to retain their original glory.  With your sedan, you may need to change the oil or rotate the tires. Similarly, your site’s content will need to be refreshed, its plugins […]

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06 Dec 2023
Setting Your Sites on Success: How to Approach Building a Better Webpage

Setting Your Sites on Success: How to Approach Building a Better Webpage

In the digital age, building a trustworthy, functional website is paramount to success for individuals, brands, and organizations. In fact, over three-quarters of consumers check out a company’s online presence before considering going into one of their real-life, brick-and-mortar stores [1]. On top of that, 94% of internet users will simply click away from websites […]

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14 Sep 2023
The Importance of Expert Website Design | Coal Creative

The Importance of Expert Website Design

As you probably already know, today’s marketing efforts are primarily initiated through online channels and platforms [1]. While social media acts as a dynamic platform for brand engagement, customer interaction and content distribution, your website acts as a centralized hub for your brand’s online presence. That said, a strong website framework is critical to building […]

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27 Sep 2021
Creative Juices Vol. 1 - Web Terms You Should Know

Web Terms You Should Know

My favorite thing about the internet is that it’s always there for me. Any food, gadget or novelty horse mask I want is just a click away. YouTubers make it possible for me to be a chef, a mechanic and a musician on the same day. The internet also makes it easy for me to […]

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04 Mar 2021
The O'Pake Institute for Economic Development & Leadership website is live!

O’Pake Institute Launches New Website

Our endlessly talented web team has done it again! Over the last few months, Matt and Travis have been hard at work on creating a new website for Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute, and we’re proud to announce that the site is officially live!  The O’Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship fosters the economic growth […]

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26 Feb 2021
Coal Creative - Our updated website is live!

Coal Creative Unveils Revamped Website!

Coal Creative is excited to announce (drumroll, please…) our new and improved website!  For the first time in our company’s history, the Coal team worked together to officially define our mission and values (check that out here). As a team, we brainstormed together on what being part of the Coal team means to each of […]

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08 Jan 2021
Coal Creative - The new PA Careerlink websites are live! Great job Matt and Travis!

PA CareerLink® Unveils New Websites

Over the last few months, our web team has been tirelessly working on an exciting project that we can finally share with you all: The new PA CareerLink® of Luzerne County websites are now LIVE! PA CareerLink® of Luzerne County is a one-stop service center for Pennsylvania residents looking for employment, training, and hiring needs. […]

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23 Jan 2020

The Fuel Behind Coal Creative’s Web Design and Development Team

Coal Creative was initially formed as an opportunity to freelance the design and development of Websites here in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Through collaborations with the Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce and other notable local businesses, opportunities continued to arise. This led our founder Gerard Durling to send out a job posting on social media. Our Lead […]

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02 Jan 2020

On your mark, Get set, SIGN UP!

We’re ringing in the new year by launching the website for the inaugural Wilkes Barre Half Marathon. As of January 1st, you can officially sign up for the event! Click here to sign up! (We believe in you!) A few months ago when we met with Candice, the President of the Board of Directors, we […]

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03 Dec 2019

Collaboration Highlight: Maxx Strength

In 2019, the innovative power-couple behind Maxx Bench, honed in on their product line of revolutionary workout equipment with the mission of “Pressing The Limits Of Performance & Innovation” under the new umbrella brand of “Maxx Strength”. We had previously collaborated with them to film and edit high-intensity workout videos for a separate, still in […]

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