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03 Oct 2022
Creative Juice - How to stay ahead of your tasks

How to stay ahead of your tasks

The unofficial guide from Coal Creative’s most organized team members How many tasks would you say someone like Coal Creative Content Director Samantha Bucher has in queue? A dozen? Maybe 20? The answer might shock you.  Before sitting down to write this one, we pulled a Big Brother move and checked her task list. She’s […]

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02 May 2022
Creative Juic - The Art of the News Release

The Art of the News Release

A news release is a simple document with a big job. It’s a common format sent by businesses, organizations and prominent individuals to media outlets from small weekly papers to national news networks. The objective of a news release is to garner interest from your targeted media audience to share with their larger readership. At […]

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28 Mar 2022
Our Favorite Tools for Marketers

Our Favorite Tools for Marketers

Marketing is a dynamic combination of art and science. There is the creative side and the technical side. The best marketers combine both. At Coal Creative, we take advantage of several programs and apps that make our work a little bit easier.  Here’s a little secret: just about anybody can access basic versions of the […]

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11 Mar 2022

Creating a Logo

A logo is your business’s first impression and lasting message. It’s your thumbprint, a simple identifying mark that contains an identity. It’s also the thing you’ll have on the wall, on your letterhead, on your t-shirts and on and on.  A company’s logo is the first line in its story. Telling a story is Coal […]

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28 Jan 2022
Social Media Marketing Terms You Should Know

Social Media Marketing Terms You Should Know

In the span of two decades social media went from websites that distracted teens to global corporations that became essential cogs in any marketing machine. Social media distracts everyone now, not just teenagers. For anyone who runs a business or works in marketing, social media is part of your toolkit. The uninitiated may get bogged […]

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29 Nov 2021
Creative Juice Vol. 3 Social Media - Inside Developing a Social Media Plan

Inside Developing a Social Media Plan

There are around 7.9 billion people on earth, 325 million of which call the United States home. In the third quarter of 2021, Facebook reported roughly 2.9 billion monthly users. The company also reported 297 million monthly users in America over the course of 2020. This means more than 90% of Americans log into Facebook […]

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27 Oct 2021
Coal Creative - Creative Juidce - Video: From Vision to Views

Video: From Vision to Views

Video is ubiquitous in our lives. We see it all day from the morning news to social media and cinematic blockbusters to family videos. Video is an important tool for marketers, thanks to its effectiveness. The medium is perfectly suited for a documentary-style testimonial that introduces a business or a TV ad designed to close […]

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27 Sep 2021
Creative Juices Vol. 1 - Web Terms You Should Know

Web Terms You Should Know

My favorite thing about the internet is that it’s always there for me. Any food, gadget or novelty horse mask I want is just a click away. YouTubers make it possible for me to be a chef, a mechanic and a musician on the same day. The internet also makes it easy for me to […]

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